MC Percussion Society

Percussion EnsembleThe Messiah University Percussion Society serves as both the student professional society and fundraising arm of the Messiah University Percussion Studio. This group supports the mission and objectives of Messiah University through providing unique and diverse opportunities for percussionists within the college community through teaching, performance and fellowship. Through this organization, students are able to share personal goals and have opportunities to show personal growth while serving others through teaching lessons or performing. In addition, the MCPS have many opportunities to serve as ambassadors and leaders in Christ for Messiah University, the School of the Arts, and the Messiah Percussion Studio in events and performances occurring not only on campus but also off campus.

MCPS Officers, 2019-2020

President: Rachel Martin: Senior, B.S. Music Education Vice-President: Matt Langlois: Junior, B.S. Music Education Treasurer: Kaci Lehman: Senior, B.A. Music Business Secretary: Gabriella Marin: Junior, B.S. Music Performance