Falcon Dollars

What are Falcon Dollars?

Falcon Dollars allow you a convenient manner in which to make on campus purchases without carrying cash or checks.  The Falcon Dollars account functions similar to a debit card account.

Both students and employees may purchase Falcon Dollars in one of the following ways:

  • Depositing cash or checks at the Falcon Exchange, 2nd floor of Eisenhower Campus Center (ECC)
  • At one of the Value Transfer Stations (VTS) located in the  ECC and Student Union
  • Students can purchase online through FALCONlink and Transact eAccounts


For More Information on Transact eAccounts Please Visit


Purchasing Falcon Dollars through FALCONlink

  • Go to FALCONlink
  • Select "Transact/CashNet eBill"
  • "Make a Payment"
  • "Add Funds to Falcon Dollars"

*Please note:

  • Student Falcon Dollar payments for on campus eateries are not discounted.
  • Employee Falcon Dollar payments for on campus eateries receive a discount of $3 off purchases of $8 or more.


  • Convenience of using your ID card for purchases rather than carrying cash or check.
  • Speeds up cashier lines.
  • Adding funds to your Falcon Dollars account is easy, and funds are available in minutes.
  • Your balance carries forward as long as you have the card.
  • No fees, no service charges, and no minimum balance is required.
  • Falcon Dollars can be used for/in
    • Ticket Sales
    • Campus Store
    • Dining Facilities

Messiah University is not responsible for any loss due to lost or stolen ID cards.

Employees who leave Messiah with less than $5 in Falcon Dollars left on their ID will have the amount automatically donated to the Messiah Fund unless the employee requests a refund ON or BEFORE their last day of work.