Why Philosophy?

Further Testimonials

Eric J. Deitch


Adjunct Instructor, Messiah College, and Business Consultant


When I was first a philosophy major, people often asked me about the value of studying philosophy. Today, I believe it is even more evident that philosophy is not only of great value – but indispensable. After teaching philosophy for 23 years and working closely with leaders in business and government for 15 years, there are two vitally important things, in my opinion, that students should understand as they pursue careers: the role of advocacy in all organizations and the value of critical thinking. These areas are rarely given primary focus in disciplines other than philosophy. Advocacy is not limited to law and politics. In organizations, people advocate for their views and values. Decisions are made based on what is seen to be the best argument. Learning how to argue effectively and critically evaluate the arguments of others are indispensable skills. When people advocate illogical, factually wrong, or unethical views in a seemingly persuasive way and no one responds critically with a better argument, the results can be disastrous. The decision makers in Enron, WorldCom, GM, AIG, Lehman Brothers, and Wachovia believed they knew the best arguments. They were wrong. I have seen repeatedly how critical thinking skills and advocating ethical values lead to good judgments in organizations. Studying philosophy is excellent training for confronting successfully the many challenges facing people today in life and, especially, in their careers.