Messiah College adds three new undergraduate programs

Messiah College adds three new undergrad programs to its 2018-19 academic offerings

Undergraduates at Messiah College can now select from three new majors for the 2018-19 academic year. The new majors are business administration, cybersecurity and graphic design. With the addition of these new programs, Messiah now offers more than 150 majors, minors and concentrations. For a complete list of majors, visit here.

About the new majors

Business Administration (B.A.) – The B.A. in business administration is a secondary major, paired with a primary major outside Messiah’s Department of Business. Along with studies in a primary major, students will study foundational business principles in accounting, finance, management, economics and marketing—all while studying under experienced professionals who will challenge them to think outside the box. Learn more about this major here.

Cybersecurity (B.S.) – The cybersecurity major at Messiah College will prepare students to secure data, computer networks and systems that house data. They will learn how to write protected software applications as they analyze systems, identify and define security risks, and design solutions to mitigate those risks. Learn more about this major here.

Graphic Design (B.F.A.) – In the graphic design major, students will take core foundational art courses, as well as advanced graphic design courses to develop practical and creative skills. They will explore formal, expressive and communicated aspects of graphic design and digital art as it relates to visual culture and communication. Students will also learn to create effective print design, digital art, illustrations and imaging, web design, animations and design for other new and emerging digital technologies. Learn more about this major here.