Messiah University launches partnership with OneLife Institute

Messiah University launches partnership with OneLife Institute

Messiah University is excited to officially launch our partnership with OneLife Institute, a nine-month Christian gap year program, to offer OneLife alumni a scholarship for attending Messiah. This program will allow students to receive a $2,500 scholarship per year and up to 30 course credits to contribute to their future college career. OneLife Institute offers this benefit with a goal to encourage students to continue in biblical education, provide Christian colleges with quality students and advance discipleship.

“This is Messiah’s first official partnership with an established gap-year program. We are pleased to offer students up to 30 college credits and a special scholarship for their commitment to completing One Life’s curriculum and engaging in enriching faith formation, service and travel,” said John Chopka, vice president for enrollment management at Messiah University. “Many of the students participating in gap-year programs do, indeed, wish to eventually pursue a college degree. Messiah is making this investment with hopes of attracting more One Life participants as degree-seeking students. We believe the course credits and scholarships will make Messiah a viable option for One Life alumni.”

The gap-year program is based out of Manheim, Pennsylvania, but has additional locations in Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Morris, Pennsylvania; and Central, South Carolina, on Southern Wesleyan University’s campus. This unique program is intended for students who want to grow in their faith, experience genuine community, serve others and travel while simultaneously contributing toward their future.

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