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Poster Policy & Protocol

This poster policy and protocol are in effect during the academic calendar year and applies to all common area bulletin boards throughout campus—those found in Larsen Student Union, Eisenhower Campus Center, Hostetter Chapel, Old Main, Murray Library, Sollenberger Sports Center, and all academic buildings. Departments are responsible for maintaining their departmental bulletin boards. Outdoor signage is only permitted on the day of an approved event.

Messiah University divisions, schools, departments, offices, and centers are permitted to place posters and/or flyers on bulletin boards as needed at their discretion. In addition, athletic teams and officially recognized, chartered, and executive student organizations may place posters and/or flyers on common area bulletin boards (reference above paragraph) after receiving prior approval from their respective coach or organization advisor. All other on- or off-campus individuals or groups must first obtain permission through the approval process outlined below prior to posting any posters/flyers on common area bulletin boards. Poster/flyers not following guidelines will be removed.

Please note: we are not currently accepting posters relating to employment. We are encouraging students to apply to on-campus jobs at this time. You are welcome to reach out to if you'd like your job advertised on their employment billboard.

Additional note: local churches may submit requests for posters regarding specific one-time congregational events. However, regular advertising for ongoing church meetings will not be approved due to spacing constraints.

Process for other on- or off-campus individuals, groups, and organizations (including parents and alumni):

  1. Submit request using this online form.
  2. The name of the individual or sponsoring group or organization must be clearly visible on the poster/flyer.
  3. Within five (5) business days of the request being received, a response will be provided.
  4. If approved, requesting party brings posters/flyers and proof of approval to the Office of Student Engagement desk (located on the upper level of the Larsen Student Union) from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 1 pm.
    • At the desk, the requesting party will be provided with an official stamp and must stamp each poster/flyer at the desk. The approval stamp will include an end date until which posters/flyers can be displayed.
    • The requesting party is responsible for placing the stamped posters/flyers on the appropriate bulletin boards.

General guidelines for removal of posters/flyers:

  1. Posters/flyers not aligning with policy will be removed.
  2. Posters/flyers promoting events must be promptly removed after the date of the event.
  3. The Office of Student Engagement and Conference & Event Services has discretion in removing posters and flyers as appropriately necessary.