Send a card of encouragement to a student or co-worker
in just 2 easy steps!

Step 1 – Pick a card, move mouse to find the shaded areas, fill these out and save a pdf to your desktop

Step 2 – Return to this page and click on Complete form to send your card. This is where you will upload the pdf from your desktop and submit. Messiah Press will print and deliver your personalized card in a few days. After the form is submitted, you can delete the PDF you saved to your desktop.

Don't have a specific student or employee in mind but still want to encourage one?

Pick a card. Leave the recipient spot blank. Write a message and sign your name. Messiah Press will choose a recipient for you.

Thank you for being an encouragement!

Complete form to send your card

Encourage mint card cover, little mint leaf with motivational quotes

Computer graphic sloth hanging on branch with wording "Hang in there"

The word Strength, sunset in background with person mountain clibming

Blue and cloudy sky with blue water, God will go before you

Beagle wearing party hat behind cake that has happy birthday candles

Rainbow watercolor background with Thank You

Happy birthday cover with cupcake and sparkler

Watercolor print with water and golden wheat