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In order to qualify for accommodations under the ADA, it is required that you submit current documentation that verifies: a) the nature of your disability, b) the severity or significance of the disability, and c) accommodations required for you to participate fully in programs and services. Documentation must be current (defined as during the high school years, or not more than four years old) and specify the types of tests, scores, and/or procedures used for determining the disability. Evaluations must have been completed by qualified professionals within the field of your disability. Medical records or the most recent eligibility assessments are required. An IEP or 504 plan are viewed as supplemental information and cannot be used alone to determine eligibility under the ADA. They are helpful in confirming accommodation needs, however.

The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination against any individual with a disability. Messiah College is committed to complying with the ADA, but more importantly, to demonstrating respect for all individuals, as consistent with the Christian faith. The College will make reasonable accommodations for those individuals who have "a significant impairment in one or more major life activities." Note that eligibility under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act does not automatically assume eligibility under the ADA. If you have a significant impairment that requires accommodations in order for you to have full access to the programs of the College, please provide the following information: