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Career students networking linkedinWhat is the Messiah University Professional Network?

Using the social media platform, LinkedIn, search for the Messiah University Professional Network (MUPN) group.  This is a community dedicated to building professional connections among Messiah University students, alumni, parents, educators, and friends of the University.   


Why should I join?

Whether you're exploring career interests, seeking employment, or professionally experienced, LinkedIn is the predominately recognized, internationally used social media tool (representing 150 industries) dedicated to helping individuals develop professional connections.  It allows you to identify and connect with potential networking contacts, research companies, and join professional interest groups.

Information for Students and Job Seekers

"LinkedIn doesn't work unless you work it." - Lindsey Pollak, Global Spokesperson for LinkedIn.   To make the most of this fantastic resource, carefully review the following tutorials.

Information for Alumni, Parents and Friends

LinkedIn is not just about getting jobs.  If you are an experienced or established professional, LinkedIn can be a great way to build your professional connections, reconnect with peers from your alma mater, share ideas and best practices with others in your chosen field, and make an impact on the up and coming generation who is getting ready to go to work.  With the Messiah University Professional Network, you can make an impact on the lives of Messiah student by serving as a point of contact in their career development journey.

LinkedIn Etiquette Guide

When networking, first impressions mean a lot.  PLEASE take time to check out the etiquette guide.

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