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Summer 2017 Courses

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A list of recommended summer online courses for dual enrolled students can be found here.

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ACCT 141 Financial Accounting 3 Kathleen Johnston  
ATED 203 Medical Terminology & Topics 2 Brenda White  
BIBL 201 Encountering the Bible 3 Emerson Powery Knowledge of the Bible
BIBL 203 Encountering the Old Testament 3 Brian Smith Knowledge of the Bible
BIOL 317 Bioethics 3 James Makowski Ethics in the Modern World
CHEM 106* General Chemistry II 4 Erin Kleingardner  
CHEM 106L* Lab: General Chemistry II 0 Jon Melton  
CIS 180 Introduction to Computer and Information Science 3 Gene Rohrbaugh Mathematical Sciences
CIS 181 Computer Programming I 3 David Owen Mathematical Sciences
CIS 190 Strategic Use of Information Technology 3 Beverly Motich  
COMM 105 Fundamentals of Oral Communication 3 Brooke Dunbar Oral Communications
EDUC 309 Advanced TESOL Methods & Assessment 3 Tina M. Keller  
EDUC 356 Moral Education (W) 3 Milton Gaither  Ethics in the Modern World; Writing Enriched
EDUC 408 TESOL Seminar and Practicum 3 Tina Keller  
ENGL 122 Introduction to Poetry 3 David Walters Literature
ENGL 160 Introduction to World Literature 3 Lucas Sheaffer Literature
HDFS 209 Life Span Development 3 Joy Fea  
HDFS 244 Human Sexuality 3 Jennifer Ransil  
HDFS 311 Adolescent Development 3 Jennifer Ransil  
HDFS 361 Introduction to Child Life 2 Joan McGeary  
HDFS 362 Child Life Field Experience 1 Joan McGeary  
HDFS 382 Interior Design 2 Julie Gomboc-Turyan  
HIST 101 Western Civilization: Bronze Age- 1500 3 David Pettegrew European History
HPED 329 Sport in Society 3 Steven King Pluralism
IDCR 151 Created and Called for Community 3 Jordan Minnich Kjesbo CCC
IDST 300 Relationships and the Brain 3 Paul Johns Science, Technology & the World
IDST 300 Stress & Health 3 Jennifer Thomson Science, Technology & the World
MUGE 101 Fundamentals of Music Theory 3 Jocelyn Goranson Arts
MUGE 209 Survey of Christian Song 3 Douglas Curry Arts
MUMH 305 History of Music III 3 Timothy Dixon  
PHED 101 Introduction to Wellness 2 Retta Murray Wellness
PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology 3 Jennifer Thomson Social Sciences
PSYC 209 Lifespan Development 3 Joy Fea  
PSYC 311 Adolescent Development 3 Jennifer Ransil  
RELI 205 Religions of the World 3 Sharon Putt Religion
SOAN 101 Introduction to Sociology 3 Malcolm Gold Social Sciences
SPAN 101 Fundamentals of Spanish I 3 Amy Ginck Languages & Cultures
SPAN 102 Fundamentals of Spanish II 3 Amy Ginck Languages & Cultures
SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish 3 Neryamn Nieves Languages & Cultures
THEO 205 Introduction to Christian Theology 3 Sharon Putt Christian Beliefs

 *CHEM 106 - General Chemistry II (4) requires a one week intensive laboratory component which requires students to be on campus July 24 - 28, 2017 between 9am and 5pm.  If you are unable to commute, on campus housing and meal plans may be available for an additional fee.