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Messiah Online FAQs

Messiah Online Policies


Messiah University is offering approximately 60 courses for Summer 2020 in six-week, eight-week, or compacted three-week terms. See Messiah's Summer 2020 Online Course Offerings for a full list of courses.

We have several terms for you to select from, based on your summer calendar. We have three-week, six-week, and 8-week terms.

May 17 – June 27: Early summer six-week term

May 21 – August 12: 3-week International Business (IBI) courses

June 1 – July 24: Summer eight-week term*

July 5 – August 15: Late summer six-week term

Messiah University is accredited and credits earned at Messiah, including summer courses, will transfer to most other colleges and universities. The decision about transfer credits and their application to specific degree requirements, however, is the decision of the receiving institution. To be certain, it is advisable that you confirm this in advance with the institution to which you wish to transfer credit.

All of Messiah's online courses are developed and taught by current Messiah University faculty, who are dedicated, experienced educators known for integrating their Christian faith with their outstanding scholarship, teaching and expertise. Messiah's online course content is designed and delivered to meet the same high standards as courses offered in our traditional classroom-based format.

Yes, all of Messiah's summer online courses are credit-bearing. And because Messiah University is an accredited academic institution, all courses offered by Messiah, including online courses, fall under that accreditation.

As a current student, Messiah's summer course credit is applicable toward your Messiah University degree. However, you are encouraged to work with your academic advisor to ensure that the summer course(s) you wish to take will help you to meet your major's specific curriculum requirements.


In addition to our current students, Messiah University invites high school and homeschool juniors and seniors, Messiah employees, alumni, parents, and friends, or anyone who would like to further their post-secondary education at Messiah University to apply for summer course study.  Current Messiah students can register for summer courses through MCSquare at the same time they register for fall courses.  Current high school students must complete an application for dual enrollment; students from other colleges and universities and all others should complete the registration form found in the Registration tab on this website.  The last day to register for Summer 2020 depends upon the term for which you're registering.

Don't miss out -- registration closes soon!

  • Early Summer 6-week: registration closes by May 13, 2020
  • Summer 8-week: registration closes by May 27, 2020
  • Late Summer 6-week: registration closes by July 1, 2020

Because the average person should expect to invest a minimum of 15 hours per week per 8 week course, taking two online courses is the rough equivalent of a full-time job. Therefore, it is the College's policy to limit registration to two courses per term during the summer semester.

Students may take up to six credits in each 6-week term, for a total of 12 credits for the summer semester.




Messiah summer online courses are an affordable option, discounted by nearly 60 percent as the same courses offered during the academic year. The cost for Summer 2020 is $555/credit*. There is no technology fee for summer online courses. The cost of textbooks and other course materials is incurred separately.

Students taking CHEM 106 and BIOL 117 may choose to stay on campus the week of July 20 - July 24.  Additional fees for housing and meals will apply. 


*For costs and fees associated with Dual Enrollment, visit the Dual Enrollment page.

For students not currently enrolled at Messiah University, payment is due at the time of registration. For current Messiah University students, payment is due prior to the beginning of the class start date of June 1, 2020 (you will be billed through the Messiah University Student Financial Services).

Summer Session Refund Policy: Refunds for students who withdraw voluntarily or involuntarily are determined according to the following policy:

1) The portion of tuition to be refunded to students who withdraw prior to the end of the work day (5:00 pm EST) listed will be as follows. The dates and amounts depend upon which part-of-term the student is registered.


    6-week Early summer term May 17 - June 27
  Drop Date % refunded
  May 17 - 19 100%
  May 20 - 22 75%
  May 23 - 25 60%
  May 26 - 28 50%
  May 29 - 31 25%
  June 1 -27 0%


    8-week Summer term June 1 - July 24
Drop Date

% refunded
  June 1-4 100%
  June 5-8 75%
  June 9-12 60%
  June 13-16 50%
  June 17-20 25%
    6-week Late summer term July 5 - August 15
  Drop Date % refunded
  July 5 - 7  100%
  July 8 - 10 75%
  July 11 - 13 60%
  July 14 - 16 50%
  July 17 - 19 25%
  July 20 - Aug 15 0%


2) All requests for drops or withdrawals must be in writing and emailed to the Registrar's Office at The date of the email determines the refund date used in 1) above. It is important to note that notifying an instructor does not constitute an official request to drop or withdraw from a course. Read the complete refund policy.

3) To drop the last course on your registration, email

If you are considering taking classes during the summer session at Messiah University, and are interested in applying for Financial Aid to help you with the cost of attendance, here are some important facts you will need to know.
  • Messiah College does not offer institutional financial aid for regular summer classes. Because the cost of a credit during the summer is only about 50% of the cost of a credit during the regular academic year, a student’s institutional financial aid for summer classes comes in the form of this greatly reduced cost.
  • For most forms of financial aid, a student must be enrolled at least half-time. Half-time at Messiah College for undergraduate students is defined as at least six (6) credits.
  • The Federal Stafford Loan, or an alternative student loan, is often the only form of financial aid that a student will receive during the summer.
  • Aside from student loans, the most common forms of financial aid that a student could apply for during the summer are the Federal Pell Grant and the Pennsylvania State Grant. Of course, you must otherwise be eligible for these forms of aid in order to utilize them during the summer. If you have not received them during the regular academic year, then it is unlikely that you will qualify during the summer.
Please be aware of the following in regard to the Pennsylvania State Grant: The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency does offer grants during the summer and they do have a part-time (down to half-time) grant program. There is an eight (8) semester limit on all Pennsylvania State Grants, and the summer grant amounts are typically somewhat less than the amounts for the regular academic year. So, using the Pennsylvania State Grant during the summer means that you will use up some of your eligibility for future semesters, and you might receive an overall lower amount over your college career. So, the only situation in which it would make sense to use some of your Pennsylvania State Grant during the summer is if this summer term will replace all or part of a future semester.
If you decide that you would like to apply for financial aid for the summer term, please contact the Financial Aid Office and we will review your eligibility.
You can call or write us at:
  Messiah University
Financial Aid Office
Mechanicsburg, PA, 17055
Direct dial phone number: 717-691-6007 (ext. 6007 on campus)
FAX 717-691-2349
E-mail: FINAID@MESSIAH.EDU (just Financial Aid on campus)


There are two ways you can purchase from the Campus Store & Textbook Express at Messiah University: in-store or online.

If you are currently a Messiah College student or live near campus, you may purchase your textbooks from the Textbook Express at our physical location in the Eisenhower Campus Center. Even if the Textbook Express store is closed, students can always seek assistance at The Campus Store during normal operating hours. When on-campus classes are in session, The Campus Store is open 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday, and 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., Saturday (excluding holidays).  When classes are not in session (summer and breaks), The Campus Store is open 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., Monday-Friday only (excluding holidays).         

You can also purchase textbooks online for summer courses from The Campus Store 24/7.  Your order can be held for pick-up in The Campus Store (FREE) or shipped for a small fee to your home or business. 

If you have any questions regarding textbooks, please e-mail to or call 717-691-6024.    


The Online Format

Messiah's online courses are conducted as a personal, interactive learning community. Interaction among students and faculty is foundational to all courses taken at Messiah--and communication and facilitation of class assignments between you, the professor, and other students will take place through an online learning management system called CANVAS. Specific procedures will vary depending on the individual course, and will be communicated to you and your classmates by the faculty member facilitating the online course. For example, some classes may require you to engage in synchronous (live) online communication for the course, but this would be outlined in advance in the course syllabus.

Most courses do not require a campus visit--but as an online student, you will have access to the extensive online resources of Messiah's Murray Library. The method of delivering tests and exams will vary from course to course, but many will be administered electronically through CANVAS. Online courses will have the same letter grading scale as traditional classroom courses; the specific grading criteria for each course will be outlined in the course syllabus.

Generally, you should expect to invest a minimum of 15 hours per week per course--however, this will vary from course to course and is based on your pace as an individual learner.

The resource “How to Succeed as an Online Student” provides some practical tips and ideas for taking online courses. Link requires Adobe Reader which can be downloaded here.

Minimum system requirements can be found here. Note: Link requires Adobe Reader which can be downloaded here

Messiah will provide you with "real person" technical support as an online student through a variety of ways including phone and e-mail through Student Computer Services. Note: Link requires Adobe Reader which can be downloaded here.

Online Courses During the Academic Year

Currently, Messiah University only offers undergraduate online courses during its summer session.


You may choose to audit an online course and not receive academic credit, however, payment remains the same for this option, and the same procedures apply to auditing a traditional classroom-based course (which may be read in section 8.22.6 in the online Community of Educators Handbook).


For additional questions or information about Messiah University's summer online courses, please contact the Registrar's Office at (717) 691-6074 or via e-mail at