Student Government Association (SGA)

The winners of the election for next year’s Student Body President & Vice President are …

Todd Abbott

Student Body President Elect


Marianne Ramirez Gomez

Student Body Vice President Elect


A total of 1,323 votes were received for the 2018‒2019 Student Government Association election.

Thank you to all who voted!!!

Congratulations on a successful campaign!

SGA President and VP 2018-19

Welcome from the Student Body President

The leadership of SGA shall have the following purpose: to provide leadership for the student body; to promote spiritual growth; to provide opportunities for students to serve others; to support and recognize quality services and activities; and to represent students before the Administration, Faculty, Board of Trustees, and surrounding community.

Why are we here? To take part in restoring our world to the state of shalom it was originally intended to be in. Or at least, our small corner of the world. As a student-led, student-run, student-funded organization, everything SGA gains we aim to invest right back into our students, both those here now and those in the future. We hope to steward our resources to empower our men and women to identify and multiply the good that already exists within themselves as image bearers of Christ.

All that to say, we're here for you, our students. To listen, to represent, to advocate for, to support you.

If you'd allow us to get to know you, send us a message to or through the “Contact Us” link on the side. And stop by our office on the second floor of the Union when you get the chance. We’d love to chat with you.

How do you see Messiah becoming a better place? How can we help you to make that vision a reality?


Jamie-Claire (JC) Chau
Student Body President



Portrait of Jamie-Claire Chau, Student body president.