Buyer Questions

Anything attached in the Order Attachments section will be attached to the purchase order and can be viewed by the supplier.   Attach quotes from the supplier in this section.  Other items to attach in the section are drawings, specifications, contracts and agreements.  For example, when ordering name plates from Grimm Trophy, attach a Word document showing the required engraving for each name plate in the Order Attachments section.   

Attachments in the Justification Attachments section can be seen internally only.  These attachments are for the approver and your records, the supplier will not see them.  This is where quotes from other suppliers not being used should be attached.  Also, internal email correspondence or requests can be attached here.  This information is saved with the requisition and searchable by the buyer at any time.


  • On the checkout screen when entering the coding for the item, click the word Split next to the org/account boxes.  
  • Enter the first org and account number to which you would like a portion of the expense charged. 
  • Enter the amount that should be charged to that org/account. 
  • Click Add Split
  • Enter the next org and account number to which you would like a portion of the expense charged.  
  • Enter the amount that should be charged to that org/account.   
  • Continue adding splits until the entire amount of the item has been allocated. 
  • When complete, click OK
  • The requisition will require approval from the budget manager for each org that is entered.     

One$ource uses a three-way match system.  When an invoice is entered into the system, it looks at the information on the purchase order, the information on the invoice, and at what the buyer has marked as received.  If the information from all three areas matches, the invoice is automatically processed for payment.  Receiving items is the buyer's approval of the invoice as long as all information matches.  If all information does not match, the buyer will be contacted by Accounts Payable for verification.   

Receive all properly delivered items from the order.  Leave the damaged/incorrect item open if it will be shipped.  Receive it in the system when it is delivered.  If the correct item will not be sent (item no longer available, or if anticipated delivery is too far away) the item should be manually closed in the receiving section. 

  • Receive all properly delivered items from the order.  
  • The discontinued item will need to be manually closed in the receiving section.   

The requisition can be found in the Incomplete Requisition section. 

  • Click on the task box in the upper right hand corner
  • Click Incomplete Requisitions
  • Click on the requisition number to open it
  • Click Checkout at the top of the screen to take you back to the checkout page where information can be added or changed
  • When all information is correct, click Checkout at the bottom of the screen.
  • The requisition will be sent through the appropriate approval queue(s).

Approver Questions

Note that you will be unavailable in the One$ource system.  Approvals will skip you and automatically move to the next level of the queue during this time.  See Approver Unavailable on the Instructions page

If a requisition is not approved within 80 hours it will be escalated to the next level of the approval queue. 

When a requisition is declined, an email is sent to the buyer to let them know that the approver has declined it and why.  At this point the buyer is able to easily copy the requisition, make corrections and send it back through the approval queue.  They will not have to start over from the beginning.

Supplier Set Up Questions

Expense Reimbursement Questions