DMD Current Students

Bachelor's + DMD Early Assurance Program for Doctor of Dental Medicine through LECOM for Current Messiah University Students

Admission is open to current Messiah University students prior to the start of their junior year who meet or exceed the application requirements for LECOM. (Note: This means that applicants must have a total four years of college credits prior to entering this program.  In some cases, students who enter Messiah with a full year’s worth of college credits, or take additional credits while at Messiah, may actually graduate in three years prior to entering this program.)

  • Application is initiated by the current Messiah University student through this LECOM link.
  • Messiah applicants are required to interview prior to the start of their junior year. Interviews are conducted by a LECOM representative and must be in-person; either on a LECOM campus, in an offsite location or by videoconferencing.
  • Interested students should contact Martha Stigelman, Coordinator of Pre-Health Professions Advising for their EAP enrollment requirements.
  • Students accepted into the LECOM EAP DMD program as Messiah students will receive a provisional acceptance letter to this program.
  • In order to maintain their LECOM EAP provisional accepted status, Messiah students will be expected to meet the GPA and shadowing criteria, submit all required information to LECOM in a timely manner, and to participate in the “keeping in touch” activities initiated by LECOM 
  • Applicants must be U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents.

Required Undergraduate Courses:

  • 6 Credit Hours of English
  • 8 Credit Hours Biology including labs
  • 8 Credit Hours Inorganic Chemistry including labs
  • 8 Credit Hours Organic Chemistry including labs
  • 4 Credit Hours Biochemistry including lab 


  • The DAT is required.
  • Overall scores in the area of 19 or higher will be expected for the Academic Average, Reading Comprehention and Perceptual Ability sections 

Requirements to Matriculate to LECOM:

At the time of graduation from Messiah Unviersity, students must reach or exceed the following benchmarks:

  • Overall cumulative GPA of 3.4/4.0;
  • Cumulative science GPA of 3.2/4.0;
  • A minimum score of 19 on the DAT, and
  • 100 hours of dental-related experience. 
  • The time that it takes a student to earn his/her undergraduate degree from Messiah University varies. Some students are able to complete the degree in three (3) years depending on a variety of factors including summer school attendance, AP test scores and college dual-enrollment during high school.
  • Regardless of the timing, the undergraduate degree must be completed prior to matriculating at LECOM.
  • Most DMD EAP students major in biology, chemistry, biochemistry, applied health science or biopsychology. With early and careful planning, other major choice may be appropriate. See Martha Stigelman for further details. 
  • A grade of at least 'C' is required to transfer prerequisite coursework.
  • No required class should be taken P/F
  • Required classes should be taken at Messiah University unless approval is granted.
  • Messiah requires at least 100 hours of documented dentistry-related experience must be completed at the time of matriculation to LECOM.
  • Students accepted into this program must be enrolled at Messiah as full-time students for at least two consecutive years immediately preceding matriculation at LECOM.
  • This program is open to transfer students.
  • Provisionally accepted students may not apply to any other dental school. Application to another dental school will result in the loss of the student’s provisional acceptance.
  • LECOM will try to honor students’ choice of campus if multiple campus choices are offered.