Increase your marketability with an internship while you continue to pursue your baccalaureate! 98% of poll respondents of the undergraduate Class of 2016 confirmed that they were employed or in graduate/professional programs within 6-9 months after graduation, and this is in part due to the large number of students who intern during their undergraduate studies. Our Career and Professional Development Center works with each student to find the right opportunity for them. The English Major at Messiah University, in particular, prepares students for the workforce by training students to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, critically think, accept constructive criticism, and understand context, among other skills.

Emilee Ryon '21

Summer 2020 Intern at Adams County Historical Society

English w/ Professional Writing Concentration & Communication

I interned at the Adams County Historical Society in Gettysburg, PA. I was the communications and marketing intern for a summer. While I was working with the historical society, I crafted Facebook posts using primary source material from the Society’s vast artifact collection, containing well over a million artifacts. While working on the 157th Battle of Gettysburg series, I learned how important storytelling was, even in a brief digital format. During my time, I was able to boost the Society’s social media engagement past 100%. I was hoping to improve upon my public relations writing skills this summer, and although this may have looked differently because of COVID, my experience was still enriching and fulfilling.

Elisabeth Ivey '18

Summer 2017 Intern at Image Journal

English w/ Writing Concentration & Sociology and Anthropology

Image really exemplifies that well of what it means to be a Christian writer—or not even just a Christian writer, but a writer who is also incorporating their faith. I feel like particularly my classes with [Professor] Perrin and Dr. Corey kind of helped me realize that writing is so much more complicated than just kind of sitting down, getting something down, and publishing it... writing is an act of worship and so I feel like coming to that understanding at Messiah helped me better understand the approach that Image was taking, better understand why Image was created in the first place.