About us - Department of Language, Literature and Writing

Welcome to the Messiah University Department of Language, Literature and Writing. Through our rigorous courses as well as practical opportunities on campus, in our community, and around the world, you will develop the skills and knowledge to be the kinds of creative thinkers, clear communicators, perceptive readers, and responsible writers who lead in their communities, churches and professions.

We believe that language significantly shapes our identity, deepens our interactions with others and enables us to change the world. As you learn the cultural and linguistic contours of your chosen language, reflect on great literary works from diverse cultures and writers, and refine your own voice as a speaker and a writer, you will learn much about yourself, your community and your world.   

We are committed to giving you opportunities for serious and deep learning across diverse topics as well as the time and flexibility to pursue your passions through internships, semesters abroad, double majors or minors and leadership positions on campus and in our community.

We take seriously the relationship between faith and learning and treasure the opportunity to walk with you through questions of story, culture, justice and truth toward a greater understanding of your faith and the role language, literature, and writing play in the practice and expression of your faith.

Our department is committed to five distinctives evidenced throughout our programs:


Take challenging courses taught by engaged educators and outstanding faculty scholars.


Encounter new cultures and voices while you hone your own voice as a creative practitioner of language and citizen of the world.


Build relationships with engaged classmates, close friends and committed faculty mentors.


Study abroad, double major or minor, and explore the diverse academic and extracurricular opportunities.


Discover new ideas, words and truths that will shape your professional, personal, and spiritual future.