The Writing Center

The Writing Center

Did you know you can get paid for peer review? Students who work at The Writing Center have the opportunity to sharpen other students’ writing skills while simultaneously honing their own. Furthermore, it is a great way for you to build your résumé in a way that directly applies to the English major. While you may not be pursuing a teaching certificate, peer review is still a valuable way to learn how to give constructive criticism and sharpen your written and oral communication skills. These are not only qualities that employers seek when hiring, but they will also serve you well as you navigate the world as a Christian intellectual.

Lydia Pebly '21

Head Tutor 2020

English w/ Secondary Teaching Certification and TESOL

Working at the Writing Center has been an amazing and transformative experience. I have learned so much about writing and the writing process, especially as I have been able to apply the skills and theories that I've learned in Composition Theory & Pedagogy and Teaching English in Secondary Schools. It also prepared me so well for my Sawyer Digital Media Internship in which I worked with English 202 students on creating digital portfolios which explored their individual writing processes. Not only have I learned and practiced so many skills that will transfer well to the professional world, especially as a future teacher, but I have also learned how to think in new ways and made many lasting friendships with my amazing coworkers.

Olivia McCullum '18

Head Tutor 2018

English w/ Literature Concentration and International Business

As a tutor at the Writing Center, I build personal relationships with students about their writing and assist in the improvement of their critical thinking and written language skills. Through understanding their struggles and problems with writing, I am able to improve my own writing and thinking techniques for my English major.