Messiah University COVID-19 Dashboard

Messiah University COVID-19 Dashboard: Fall Semester 2021 

Total number of confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 on-campus 

The below data represent cumulative totals tracked starting Aug. 7, 2021 (the first day students were able to arrive on campus for the fall term.)

As of Sept.23, 2021

# Confirmed positive on-campus cases *

(includes recovered on-campus cases)

# Recovered on-campus cases **


(combined undergraduate residential/commuter students and on-campus graduate students)







On-campus Vaccination Rates

As of Sept. 23, 2021


% Fully vaccinated

Overall on-campus population

73.0 %

Undergraduate students

(residential and commuter)

67.2 %

Graduate students


88.1 %

Full-time employees

(UG and GRAD faculty, staff, administrators)


Part-time employees

(UG and GRAD faculty, staff, administrators)


Note: The above data will be updated each weekday by 5 p.m.

Understanding the data

* Confirmed positive on-campus cases: The above positive cases include undergraduate and graduate students who are living and/or studying on campus for the semsester and employees who are working physically on campus. Positive tests may have been administered by The Engle Center at Messiah or at another medical facility. In cases where a student or employee fails to disclose to the University that they have tested positive, the University will have no way of knowing and communicating that information. Accordingly, this dashboard includes positive cases that the University has been made aware of, or has conducted the testing for itself. 

** Recovered on-campus cases: is defined by university protocols as: the number of on-campus undergraduate and graduate students (includes students living in University-owned housing and commuters but excludes remote learners and anyone not on campus in the last 14 days) and employees (excludes remote workers and anyone not on campus in the last 14 days) who received a positive COVID-19 test result in which 30 days have passed since the date the test was performed. This number counts individuals with multiple positive test results only once.

On-campus vaccination rate: is reported based on the documentation of vaccination status as provided by students and employees via the secure Messiah University health portal. 

Contact tracing, monitoring and response

  • Additional information will be provided via contact tracing through the University's Engle Center directly to individuals who have had close contact with the COVID-19 positive individual(s) (defined by the CDC as less than six feet away for 15 minutes or more) in order to provide confidential care and support for next steps for the individuals’ and the campus community’s health. 
    • If you have not been directly contacted by the Engle Center, then you are not an individual determined to have been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual on Messiah University's campus.
  • Confidentiality laws prohibit the University from disclosing any identifying information about affected individuals. 
  • The University has a steering team in place that is daily monitoring the status of Messiah’s COVID-19 testing and results and is coordinating the appropriate community health response in coordination with supporting campus offices and programs.


What to do if you're feeling sick

All Messiah students and employees are required to immediately contact the Engle Center if: they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19; have tested positive for COVID-19; or have had exposure to an individual with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19. This allows the University's healthcare team to provide confidential care, support and help with next steps to protect and support individual and community health. Please notify the Engle Center via the Falcon Health COVID-19 Check-in form accessible via FalconLink.