University vehicle request form

University Vehicle Requests:

At this time, individual students are not permitted to have an EMS account. However, if they belong to a recognized student group, that group may have or establish an account.

Creating an EMS account

Setting up your EMS account is a simple two-step process:

Step 1

  • In your web browser, log onto . This will bring you to the Campus Schedule page.
  • For “User Id” and “Password”, use your normal credentials, (if you are setting up an account for your group, use your group’s “User Id and “Password”) then click on “Login”. You’ve just created your account. You should see your status as Pending and needing approval from an administrator (Conference Services).
  • At this point, you can exit the website.
  • Send an email to our office at to let us know that you have completed STEP 1.

Step 2

  • When we receive your email, we will configure your account and send an email back to you with your next set of instructions.

    Please note that this may take a day or two, but once this is complete, your account will be ready to use.

Thank you for allowing us to help you process your vehicle and room reservations more efficiently and effectively. We are looking forward to serving the campus this semester.