Scholarship and Enrichment Opportunities

The Humanities Enrichment Program is for incoming students majoring in a field associated with the Humanities. This includes majors in the following departments: Biblical, Religious and Philosophical Studies; Communication; Language, Literature and Writing; History, Politics and International Relations, as well as the interdisciplinary major, Peace & Conflict Studies.

If you are a first year student in the Humanities, you can participate in this program by going to this LINK 

This program does not include any additional coursework, but it is a program intended to enrich your college experience during your first year here. Here are some of the activities that will be offered to you.

  • You will be invited to a Welcome Reception to kick off the school year and meet faculty and other students in the Humanities.
  • You will also have the opportunity to attend special functions when we host Humanities lecturers who give public talks on campus.
  • Additionally, there will be opportunities throughout your school year to participate in events exclusive to this program, such as a “Connecting Hour” and special talks led by faculty members.

We look forward to having our first year students in the Humanities as part of this program.