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Physics BACHELOR DEGREE (B.A.) or (B.S.)  Physics 3.jpg

Physics BACHELOR DEGREE (B.A.) or (B.S.)

Physics BACHELOR DEGREE (B.A.) or (B.S.)

Physics at Messiah College

As a physics major at Messiah College, you’ll thrive in a Christian environment known for its intellectually challenging atmosphere.

Messiah’s Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in physics degree program provides you with a rigorous, multi-faceted educational experience combined with a solid introduction into computer science and statistics—all in a Christian context. 

Physics major distinctives
Career options for physics majors
Internship, research and teaching opportunities for physics majors

About our program 

You’ll take courses such as such as Classical and Analytical Mechanics; Electricity and Magnetism; and Quantum Mechanics and study with professors who have a variety of scholarly interests from cosmic ray detection to thin film physics.

B.A. degree

The Bachelor of Arts degree traditionally provides a broad-based physics program with more liberal arts emphasis. The B.A. physics degree at Messiah give you a strong physics education while still leaving plenty of room for electives, and possibility to add a minor or second major if desired. The B.A. degree is also the best for students wishing to study one semester abroad.

B.S. degree

The Bachelor of Science in physics degree is designed to offer a stronger technical background in the discipline, with four more required courses. So, the B.S. degree is ideal for you if you want to get as much physics as you can out of your college experience. Most students heading for graduate school choose this option, but it is not required. You will not be able to fit as many electives in your schedule with the B.S. degree, but with careful planning it is still possible to add a minor, and possibly (especially if you come in with some AP credits) even a second major.


Both inside and outside of the classroom, you’ll have the opportunity to complete projects and research that you can present during our annual research symposium. And during the summer, you even may be able to participate in summer research funded by the National Science Foundation. 

With a solid theoretical and applied core of courses offered in our physics program, you’ll be ready for a career in industry, education, government, or for graduate school where you’ll be well prepared to specialize in a variety of fields.

Teaching certification

If teaching physics interests you, you can apply to Messiah’s teacher education program in addition to your physics degree. You’ll take required physics courses and also take a sequence of education courses that prepare you to take the state-required exam to become a certified secondary ( grades 7-12) physics teacher in public or private schools.