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Department of Sociology

Department of Sociology

Our students become flexible lifelong learners who thrive in a fast-changing world.

The Department of Sociology focuses on PEOPLE. Although distinct in many ways, sociology, anthropology and criminology all seek to understand and engage society and culture in meaningful ways. Our department is committed to integrating a faith-based commitment to community as well as scientific perspectives and professional research methods.

Emphasis is given to excellent teaching and learning that includes classroom activities, experiential learning and close faculty/student interaction. Faculty and alumni work closely to mentor and connect students with real world applications such as internship, research and employment opportunities. Because of our majors' efficient credit requirements, students are encouraged to customize their education with double majors such as nursing, business, and pre-law, as well as with study abroad; most of our students go on study abroad. Our department encourages students to become effective, compassionate agents of change in the world.

Our Programs

Sociology is part of a joint program, Peace and Conflict Studies, under the Sider Institute.

Sociology also contributes to the Ethnic and Area Studies B.A.

How to Apply

To apply for admission to Messiah University, simply call and request an application at 1-800-233-4220 or apply online! We also encourage you to attend an Open House Event or other major-specific event are scheduled throughout the year. Students may arrange for a variety of visit options to suit their interests and schedule.

* Messiah University does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, age, disability, or national or ethnic origin

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