Why Messiah?

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Why Choose Messiah Engineering?

We are excited to partner with you on a journey to explore how God might use your unique giftedness for work in His Kingdom as an engineer. It is an exciting, and humbling, adventure.

You do not need to spend the next four years getting ready to serve, and then beginning your work. In our program you can begin doing gospel-advancing work right away. The engineering program partners with the Collaboratory to offer a hands-on service-learning experience. You will have a chance to learn necessary skills for engineering practice while implementing solutions that make a real difference for someone, often partners who are otherwise underserved.

Upon graduation, you will be ready to embark on your career with the humble heart of a servant, uniquely prepared for special work. Whether you continue serving in full-time missions, in a corporate setting, or anywhere in between, you will be equipped with the engineering problem-solving skills and teamwork mindset that are critical to your success.

Integrated Projects Curriculum

The Collaboratory is an academic ministry partnership of Messiah University that creates opportunities for students to work with missions-focused organizations to meet their needs and grow the students’ capabilities at the same time. Engineering students join Collaboratory project teams on a credit-bearing basis. We call this the Integrated Projects Curriculum. This four-semester experience serves as the senior design project in a format that we believe to be of greater value than a traditional senior design project.

All engineering students participate with a project team for a minimum of four semesters. In this way we have students from multiple class years working together so that when the senior class graduates the team is not left starting over, but has juniors who are ready to step up and lead the team the following year.

Students are often intrinsically motivated to serve on these projects because of the ministry needs they are meeting–prosthetics for an underserved population, pedestrian bridges for remote communities, solar power for those off the grid, or clean water for communities plagued by disease, as examples. Students are coached along the way to approach these projects with an engineering mindset and to document and communicate their results as would be done in the engineering profession. Through this process two needs are met–the physical need of the people served by the partner organization, and the educational need of the engineering student! The work of the Collaboratory and the Integrated Projects Curriculum empowers the ministry partner in their gospel-advancing work while developing a heart for service in the student, whether in international missions or an American workplace.

The integrated projects curriculum further includes a junior-level and senior-level Seminar course that encourage reflection on Christian Engineering, and the particular vocational call on each student.

Engineering - More than just a major

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