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Messiah University is a liberal arts college in the truest sense of the term.  Grounded in both faith and intellect, our graduates are broadly-educated and well-prepared for the challenges of a career in medicine.  For this reason, we offer a Pre-Med Program that can be thought of as a curricular overlay that can be part of virtually any major on campus, with the exception of nursing.  Messiah students work with both an academic advisor and a professions advisor to choreograph a schedule that will prepare them for their application to medical school.

Because no two pre-medical students are exactly alike, we think that it is very important to get to know our students personally and help them to make the best possible curricular and co-curricular choices.  The timing of courses and potential international travel varies based on college credits attained prior to coming to Messiah and timing of matriculation into medical school.  For students planning to matriculate into medical school immediately after graduation from Messiah, the application to medical school and required entrance examinations are generally completed the summer between the junior and senior year.  For students planning to take a year or more off between Messiah and medical school, the application and entrance examinations are completed approximately 15 months prior to matriculation.

Information on Planning Your Curriculum