What our graduates have to say...

Check out what our graduates have to say

“Learning to effectively use my faith to enhance my social work practice is the greatest skill this program has taught me. Christ perfectly models justice, service, and compassion, and it is through Him that I receive the tools to best serve others. In Him, I am able to engage the pain and injustice in this world without succumbing to it.”

Titus Ridgway, 2020  

"The personal development I have seen in myself throughout the entirety of my time in the Social Work Program has been one that has continued even post-graduation. Because of the Department’s prioritization of practical application for students, it has pushed us, including myself, to develop the confidence needed to become professional social workers. The skills I have gained and applied in practice now have carried me to a place professionally that I am proud of."

Cameron Walker, 2020

"My time in the Department taught me so much about myself, in ways and times I never expected. I still talk about those defining moments with peers especially in regards to faith development. I tell tons of people to buy "Celebration of Discipline" by Richard Foster because it was a defining book in my spiritual walk. It's truthfully a book that challenged me in such impactful ways, that through class discussions really shaped and broadened my spiritual worldview when it comes to the various disciplines mentioned. If there was one area that I can guarantee to those considering joining the department, it's to be ready to engage with faith and practice on a whole other playing field. I'm a better social worker because of it!"

Samson Arnold, 2021

"After graduation, I felt more than ready and prepared to start my career as a social worker. The Social Work Program equipped me with the necessary tools and skills to step into the field of practice. I'm so thankful for my time at Messiah and the knowledge that I have gained throughout the years. From the class devotionals and the words of Foster to the weekly readings and field placeemnts, I have learned how to grow in my faith and become a more ethical, professional, and competent social worker." 

Melissa Farnsworth, 2021