Roles and Responsibilities of the Department of Procurement

Roles and Responsibilities of the Department of Procurement Services

1. Purchasing

1.1 Assist, when requested, all departments of the University with their purchasing needs

1.2 Analyze University spend and establish "best value" contracts

1.3 Establish and maintain effective and professional relationships with current and potential suppliers

1.4 Act as a center of information with regard to sources of supply, cost, availability and delivery

1.5 Arrange demonstrations, obtain samples and consult with appropriate personnel concerning their purchasing requirements

1.6 Evaluate needs, develop specifications and determine the most appropriate purchasing methods

1.7 Establish standards of equipment and materials in common use throughout the University in order to provide greater purchasing power through volume purchasing

1.8 Achieve savings and economy of University resources whenever possible

1.9 Establish procedures that assure prompt delivery of goods and services

1.10 Prevent payment for goods not received or received in unsatisfactory condition

1.11 Explore and utilize consortia and other cooperative purchasing programs

1.12 Assist in preparing budget estimates for equipment, supplies, furnishings, etc.

1.13 Provide training workshops to the campus to keep them informed of policies, procedures and best practices


2. Accounts Payable

1.1 Process payments for purchase orders, direct payments, taxes and employee reimbursements

1.2 Maintain accurate records of goods received and invoices paid

1.3 Monitor and assist departments in collecting open hold credits from suppliers

1.4 Research supplier invoice discrepancies

1.5 Process tax forms for tax reportable suppliers

1.6 Provide payment data for University departments and supplier inquiries