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See the Impact

Tuition Costs at Messiah College

While a college education is a considerable investment, no Messiah College student ever pays the full cost of their education. Today's tuition only covers 85% of the actual cost of a Messiah College education, and gifts from alumni, parents, staff, and friends of the college help fill in the rest. That means before scholarships are even factored in to the equation, your gifts help each student save over $3,200 per year!


Here from Our Own

Scholarship and endowment funding provide opportunities for collaborative research between students and faculty. Your financial support enables students to participate in these projects and to present or publish their work. The legacies of our alumni have paved the way for our current and future students to reach new levels.

-Scott Kieffer, Ed.D., Professor of Health and Exercise Science 

It’s the gifts given—big and small—that God uses to ease the burdens of families and students who otherwise would not be able to attend Messiah College.

-Albert M. '16, Political Science Major 


Every Gift Matters

  • If each alum were to give a gift of just $25, an additional $600,000 would be raised to help meet the needs at Messiah College!
  • Foundations look at giving participation rates when considering grants to Messiah College. High participation rates can help us secure significant grant revenue, which in turn provides resources for everything from buildings, to research grants, and more.
  • National publications like U.S. News & World Report use alumni participation in particular as a factor in ranking Messiah College. Messiah’s ranking matters because it tells prospective students that Messiah College is worth their investment.

At Messiah, we value and appreciate gifts of every size!