Peer Tutoring

All students can use a tutor, from those wanting to maintain an "A" in a course, to those having difficulty with coursework.

Sessions are usually 30 minutes, but times can be adjusted to meet the needs of the tutee. 

Appointments with Learning Center tutors may be scheduled online via Self-Service.   Log into MCSquare and then click on the Self Service Main Menu link.   Once in Self Service, click on the Student tab and then on the Learning Center Tutor Scheduling link.

Earn an "A" or "A-" in a course and be recommended by a professor.  Once recommended, you must attend an orientation and a training session.  Register each semester thereafter at an update session and attend any training sessions held for all tutors.

Tutoring is free for Messiah University undergraduate students.

Signing up for a tutor at least 48 hours in advance increases the likelihood that there will be a time slot available.

Not all classes have tutors, but the classes that have the most demand for a tutor (such as sciences and languages) do. If you need assistance for a class that does not have a tutor represented, please contact the director, Amy Slody, ( for further assistance.

All sessions are held at the Learning Center, Library 110. 

Yes. See the current schedule and choose accordingly. If you need assistance in a class not represented or if your schedule clashes with the tutor's hours, please contact the director, Amy Slody, ( for further assistance.

Please be on time and prepared to learn. Bring books, notes, questions and other necessary course materials (eg. syllabus).

If you would like to let your professor, advisor and/or coach know that you have gone the extra mile to do well, you may complete a form in the Learning Center which allows the staff to inform them that you have had a tutoring session.