Processing Clearances for Teacher Certification Students

  • Students will provide clearances that are within one year (and completed after matriculation to Messiah University) to be eligible for their first (sophomore) field experience, and should not need to process clearances again as long as they do not have a break in enrollment at Messiah University and are within five years.
  • If a student is placed in a district that requires more recent clearances and TB testing, the student will need to process clearances again to comply with the requirements of the district.
  • Clearances for admission to the Teacher Education Program are required to be within a year. Students who are delayed in applying will likely need to process clearances again.
  • For subsequent field experiences, students will complete the Act 24 form annually.
  • The TB testing that is provided at the beginning of the semester for the first (sophomore) field experience will be evidence of meeting the TB screening requirement. For subsequent field experiences, students will sign a form that attests that they have not been exposed to an active case of TB or had a cough that is unresponsive to medical treatment after 14 days.

Clearances that are submitted to TEP for sophomore field experience and/or approval to the Program must be scanned and emailed. You should save a copy of the scan on your computer to avoid loss of these records. TEP will not accept hard copies of your forms.

You are responsible for managing your own clearances and taking a hard copy of clearances and your TB report, along with an ID, such as a driver's license, with you each time you report to a new field experience site.


Follow the step by step directions below carefully to ensure that you have processed your clearances correctly.