Processing Clearances for Teacher Certification Students

The first clearance requirement should be met in March of your first year to allow you to be coded to register for sophomore field experience in either fall or spring of your sophomore year. You will not be permitted to register for sophomore field experience until the clearances have been submitted. Clearances should be processed following the procedures outlined below.

Clearances that are submitted to TEP for sophomore field experience and/or approval to the Program must be scanned and emailed. You should save a copy of the scan on your computer to avoid loss of these records. TEP will not accept hard copies of your forms.

Since most students should be eligible to apply to the Program by January or February of the sophomore year, the same clearances processed for sophomore field experience can be used for the TEP application, as long as the clearances are within one year of the date of application.

You should expect to process clearances three times while you are a teacher certification student at Messiah College:

  • March of your first year for sophomore field experience registration,
  • Before the start of the fall or spring semester of your junior year for the junior field experiences(s), and
  • Before the start of student teaching.

You are responsible for managing your own clearances and taking a hard copy of clearances and your TB report with you each time you report to a new field experience site. If your clearances will be more than a year old on the date of your first visit, new clearances need to be processed and in hand for the first day of the field experience. Please note that many schools will also require you to show a driver's license. Please plan to have this with you on your first visit as well.

TEP will follow up with registered field experience students concerning TB reporting requirements, but we will not follow up concerning security clearances after you have been approved, and remain continuously enrolled in the Teacher Education Program. It is your responsibility to ensure your clearances are current.


Follow these step by step directions to ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to have your clearances verified by TEP.

Criminal Background Check

  • Have a credit card ready, and click the link above for this clearance.
  • Choose Submit a New Record Check: Reason for Request - Employment
  • Complete the information requested and click Next
  • Verify, then click Proceed.
  • Enter your personal information again and click Enter the Request, then Finished.
  • Submit and enter your credit card information, then Next
  • Click on the hyperlink for the control number.
  • Click on Certification Form.
  • Save the certification form to your computer and email a copy to

Child Abuse History Clearance

  • Click the link above to create your account. Once you have created the account, you will receive an email with your username and a second email with your password.
  • Copy your password from the email and select the link for : Child Welfare Portal. Choose Login. Access my clearances.
  • Enter your username and password. You will change your password in the next screen. Login with the new password. Accept the terms at the bottom of the next two screens and Create Clearance Application.
  • Application Purpose: School Employee governed by public school code
  • Work through the screens, as you complete the form and enter your credit card information.
  • Print a hard copy of the form at the end of your session and print a copy to pdf to submit to  and to save on your computer.

FBI Background Check

  • PA changed providers for the FBI Background Check during the last week of November. Pre-registration is required before going to the fingerprinting site.
  • Click on the link above. When prompted for a service code, enter 1KG6RT.
  • When you are succesfully registered, you will take your registration information to a registered site. The Department of Safety is not yet offering services. The closest site to campus is the one on the Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg. See the website above for the full address.
  • Email the UEID to to allow TEP to check your results.
  • More details will follow as we have more information about the new provider procedures.

PLEASE NOTE: All of your clearance documents should be scanned and filed in a place where you can easily retrieve them.  Students should take a copy of their clearances - and the current TB report - each time they begin a new location for field experiences. Having these documents on your computer should help you to better manage them.





Phone Numbers to Call if Your Processing is Delayed:

PA Child Abuse History Clearance 717-783-6211

Request for Criminal Record Check 1-888-783-7972