Teacher Ed Committee

Teacher Education Committee Representatives:

Christina Simmons, Chair, Director of Teacher Education

Angela Hare, Assistant Provost
Brent Good, Art
Isis Rivera-Walsh, Biology
Anne Reeve, Chemistry
Cynthia Lehman, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science
Tina Keller, Special Education
John Fea, Social Studies
Raeann Hamon/Erin Boyd-Soisson (S23), Family & Consumer Sciences
Sheila Rodriguez, English and Spanish
Christine Faro, Health & Phys. Ed.
Travis Weller, Music Education
David Hazen, Middle Level 4-8  
Carol Buckley, PK-4
Amanda Sigel, Field Placement Coordinator
Julie McGill, Field Experience Coordinator
Sarah Curran and Ashley Winfield, MCEA Student Representatives

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