Requirements for Admission to the Professional Semester

Students apply for admission to the Professional Semester (student teaching) during the junior year.  All students are expected to file a formal application for admission to the Professional Semester by January 15 of the academic year prior to the one in which the Professional Semester will occur.

Admissions Criteria:

  • Full admission to the Teacher Education Program (typically completed in spring of the sophomore year)
  • Continued adherence to the academic and character standards required for admission to the TEP
  • Successful completion (grade of C- or higher) in all courses required for the major
  • Endorsement of instructors of core courses and field experience
  • Endorsement of the student's major department using the Performance Ratings
  • Electronic completion of Professional Semester Application, including self-assessment using the Performance Ratings

Students should receive the application by e-mail in late fall of the academic year before they are expected to student teach.  Applications must be processed electronically.

The Teacher Education Office will notify applicants of enrollment status in the Professional Semester after fall semester grades have been posted and reviewed, and all admissions criteria has been met.

Students may not enroll in any course offered during the Professional Semester unless first admitted to the Professional Semester. During the Professional Semester, students are not permitted to be enrolled in any classes other than those required for the Professional Semester. Any requests for an exception to this policy should be addressed, in writing, to the Assistant Dean of Teacher Education.

Students will be removed from the Professional Semester if, at any time, performances and/or behaviors fall below the minimum acceptance levels for all admission criteria.