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Post-Bacc Students

def.: Students who

  • have earned a bachelor's degree and
  • are seeking Pennsylvania Level I teacher certification

Messiah College offers programs leading to Pennsylvania teacher certification.

Complete list of certification programs available as post-baccalaureate programs through Messiah College

If you already have earned a Bachelor’s Degree through an accredited college or university, you will not need to complete another degree to pursue teacher certification at Messiah College. As a “post-baccalaureate" certification student, you will complete courses that are necessary to meet Pennsylvania certification requirements. Upon successful completion of all required courses, field experiences, and Teacher Education Program requirements, Messiah College will recommend you to the Pennsylvania Department of Education in Harrisburg for certification.

The links on the left of the page can help you work through the process of learning more about post-baccalaureate certification.  If you think you might like to be certified through Messiah College, you can begin the process on the Post-Bacc Admission link.

Potential Post-Bacc students should be aware that our undergraduate courses are geared to the traditional, residential student. Graduate courses can be used in combination with undergraduate courses to meet certification requirements, and students can complete a post-baccalaureate program without earning a graduate degree.


Please direct your questions for Post-Bacc admission to the Certification Office.