MBA Prerequisites

For students who do not hold a bachelor’s degree in business, prerequisites must be fulfilled in accounting, finance, microeconomics, and statistics prior to taking ACCT 501*, BUSA 505*, ECON 501*, or MRKT 550*. Upon application, the faculty will review a student’s undergraduate transcripts to determine if these have been met. If a student needs to complete these prerequisites, Messiah University’s Graduate Program in Business and Leadership contracts with Peregrine Academic Services to provide non-credit bearing online courses for meeting the prerequisites. Each course is competitively priced at $49 and all books and materials are included with the courses.

  • Foundations of Accounting – Students will learn to describe basic financial statements and analytical procedures, assess the solvency and profitability of a business and summarize the uses and limitations of analytical measures.
  • Foundations of Business Finance – This course will familiarize students with cash flow analysis, investing strategies, and types of debt.  Additionally, students will identify and examine financial statements and explain how financial ratios are used to analyze a firm’s financial performance.
  • Foundations of Microeconomics – Students will be able to identify the characteristics of microeconomics and its effect on consumers, businesses, and owners.  Other topics include elasticity, utility theory, and curve analysis related to consumer demand.
  • Foundations of Quantitative Research Techniques and Statistics – Topics in this course include sampling plans, sampling distribution, and data collection.   Students will also learn key statistical concepts including population, sample and statistical inference. 

Each module is built around 10-20 specific learning outcomes and is organized into 4-8 sections.  Included in each module is a pre-test, 4-6 hours of instructional material, and a post-test.  Students have two attempts to accomplish a passing score of 80 percent.  Once a course is successfully completed, students will submit their scores to the program.  To register for a course, visit the Peregrine SiteContact the Graduate Program in Business and Leadership with any questions.