Tuition Discounts

Each of these discounts require an application to be filed, some require the application to be filed by a stated deadline.

Christian service discount

A Christian Service Discount of 50% of undergraduate tuition is available to active full-time ministers and professional full-time employees of Christian day schools. This discount does not apply to individual instruction, independent study, continuing education courses, correspondence courses, tutored courses, summer school or graduate courses. The spouse of an active full-time minister or professional full-time employee of a Christian day school, because he/she is—in a true sense of the word—sharing the ministry, shall receive the Christian Service Discount.

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Dual enrollment student discount

High school juniors and seniors who are approved for dual enrollment may take a maximum of seven credits per semester at a significantly discounted rate of $150 per credit.  For more information about dual enrollment, contact Matt Reitnour at or 717-796-4991. 

Mature student discount

The Mature Student Discount equals 25% of tuition for a student who is age 30 years and older.

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