Mission and Values

Mission and Values


Our mission is to provide innovative strategy, service, and infrastructure solutions that support the University’s mission and accomplish the educational and administrative goals of the University’s strategic plan as well as our clients’ key requirements. Our approaches should be economical, sustainable, and flexible enough to allow the University to respond to a changing environment.


Service Excellence:
We strive to provide professional, friendly, and prompt service by being accessible in a variety of ways, by listening to and respecting user's needs.

Innovative thinking:
We encourage and celebrate creative uses of technology that foster effective teaching and learning, improve business processes, and increase the productivity of individuals and offices.

Collaborative spirit:
We commit to working transparently and constructively with our campus colleagues in alignment with the strategic efforts and educational objectives of the University.

Proactive communication:
We desire to communicate transparently without jargon and in anticipation of the needs of those we serve.

Continuous learning:
In the fast-changing world of technology, we believe there are always new tools and techniques to learn, share, and apply to the educational endeavor.

Data security:
We strive to protect the University’s data resources within a robust and resilient information infrastructure.

Strategic Plan

The efforts of the governance groups that drafted this document (Information and Web Technology Committee, IWTC; Educational Technology Committee, ETC; and Administrative Technology Committee, ATC) identified six themed areas of strategy and developed goals within those areas.  These themes and goals represent a mix of best practice and promise.  We also believe that these support the accomplishment of the mission of the College.