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Falcon Team Tri

Falcon Team Tri

The Falcon Team Tri will be held on Tuesday, April 16, 2019.  This fun fitness event is sponsored by the Messiah Wellness committee and is intended to foster esprit de corps and increase physical activity levels within the college community.  Everyone is encouraged to participate in this event. Here are some of the rules:

  1. You must be a current Messiah employee or spouse, or a current Messiah student (undergraduate or graduate) to participate.
  2. You can only enter as part of a three-person team. Each member of a team can only participate in one leg of the triathlon.
  3. Each team will be placed in a category based on status (employees, students, or student/employee), gender (male, female, or male/female), and ages (employee teams only).  The entire list of categories can be found below.
  4. The distances of the team triathlon (and the order of events) will be:
    1. Swim- 650 yds (26 lengths in Messiah’s pool)
    2. Bike- Bent Spoke Expresso stationary bike ride (4 miles in the Falcon Fitness Center)
    3. Run- 15 laps on Messiah’s indoor track (approximately 2 miles)
  5. All teams must pre-register by midnight Thursday, April 11, 2019. Go to the registration link to complete the online registration form.
  6. Runners- the 2 miles must be completed on the indoor track (no exceptions) on April 16 sometime between 7-9 AM, 11 AM-1 PM, or 4-6 PM.
  7. Riders- the 4 mile ride must be completed in the Falcon Fitness Center on April 16 during normal operating hours.
  8. Swimmers- the 650 yd swim must be completed in Messiah’s pool on April 16 sometime between 7-9 AM, 12-2 PM, or 6:30-10 PM. Swimmers must bring another person with them to count laps.
  9. Here is the complete list of competitive categories:
  • Female Students
  • Male Students
  • Mixed Gender Students
  • Female Employees < 135 yrs
  • Female Employees > 135 yrs
  • Male Employees < 135 yrs
  • Male Employees > 135 yrs
  • Mixed Gender Employees < 135 yrs
  • Mixed Gender Employees >135 yrs
  • Male Student/Employee < 120 yrs
  • Male Student/Employee > 120 yrs
  • Female Student/Employee < 120 yrs
  • Female Student/Employee > 120 yrs
  • Mixed Gender Student/Employee < 120 yrs
  • Mixed Gender Student/Employee > 120 yrs

Information on Falcon Team Tri