Interdisciplinary Courses within QuEST

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QuEST is only for students enrolled prior to Fall 2024. If you are a student who enrolled with Messiah AFTER the Fall of 2024 - please refer to the new General Education website and General Education guide. Thanks! 

Interdisciplinary Courses within QuEST

Interdisciplinary (ID) courses provide areas of integrated learning in which students wrestle with and address complex questions that face our society, and are woven throughout the curriculum. Throughout their QuEST, students will be challenged to answer these questions by examining different perspectives, theories, and experiences in order to arrive at a more discerning conclusion.  

Students cultivate adeptness in navigating complexity and thinking holistically about these issues in order to reflect upon their own beliefs, as well as bridge values and assumptions of diverse perspectives.  In turn, students are empowered to respond to unexpected and ever-changing realities they will encounter in life, work and society.


IDFY 101 & 102 First Year Seminar

IDCR 151 Created and Called for Community

IDNW 200 Non-Western Studies

IDCC 260 Cross-Cultural Studies

IDPL 300 Pluralism in Contemporary Society

IDET 300 Ethics

IDWV 300 World Views

IDST 300 Science, Technology and the World

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