Student Work - Department of Art and Design


Our graduates have received advanced degrees from respected graduate schools across the country. Many graduates pursue careers in galleries, graphic design firms, Internet businesses, product design and publishing companies, while others have become freelance artists. Students with concentrations in the fine crafts have set up businesses based on their craft production or work in related industries. Art Education majors are certified to teach grades K-12 and find employment in a variety of school settings both public and private. Some Messiah students have continued on as teachers in higher education, after receiving their own advanced degrees.

Other students combine art studies with other majors such as English, communication or business to pursue specific career goals. A number have joined their love of art with Christian ministries and utilize their talents in missions service here and abroad.

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Experiential learning

Our students are actively engaged in experiential learning. Opportunities range from working one-on-one with faculty to internships with businesses and institutions. Scholar interns have interaction with faculty as they work together on projects such as art historical research, professional journals, artists' books, sculpture and public installations. Students may earn and learn through work study positions that include gallery assistants, studio proctors in sculpture, ceramics and computer graphics labs, and slide library assistants.

Student projects 

Our new design studio services gives students course credit as they design work for a variety of non-profit organizations. Projects have ranged from the widely-used Genesis logo for the Messiah College solar car, the department viewbook, to working for the Brethren Ministries in Harrisburg. Various departmental internships also offer students discipline-related work/learning experiences in graphics firms, galleries, museums and with local craftspeople.