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Apply for Benefits

The first step that you as the Veteran want to take when researching for your eligibility is to contact the VA.  They will be able to explain your eligibility options.  If you are eligible for more than one benefit, they will let you know the details of the benefits but you will have to make the choice as to the benefit you select going forward.

To contact the VA you can...

The Veteran can also pass their Post 9/11 eligible benefits to a spouse or dependent child.  This is a program that the Department of Defense (DoD) processes.  First the Veteran will need to contact the VA and see about their eligibility then contact the DoD and transfer the benefits to their spouse or dependent child, DoD Transfer Benefits.  When the DoD approves this transfer, the VA will view the spouse or dependent as the Veteran with the transferred benefits.   

When you know the benefit that you are eligible for then you can complete the corresponding VA Form from the VA website.

 When applying electronically, attach your DD-214 or NOBE to your application.

Once you have submitted your VA Form to the VA for your benefits, you will receive a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) letter from the VA.  This letter will explain to you the information and details of your benefit eligibility.  We ask that when you receive the CoE letter that you send a copy of this letter to Messiah College's Certifying Official along with completing the following Messiah form(s).

Veterans' Benefits Reporting Form

If you are using Post 9/11 (Chapter 33) benefits and are 100% Eligible then you may also be able to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program.  We ask that you also complete and return the following form as well.

Yellow Ribbon Program Application