Salary Information

    • A good place to start to see average salaries for different occupations and areas of the country.
  • ERI Economic Research Institute   
    • ERI Economic Research Institute provides database software for salary survey, cost-of-living and relocation uses.  Their website offers a wealth of free information, a free "College and Career Planner 2003" site and links to many other helpful websites.
  • JobStar 
    • Lots of info about salaries here including salary surveys, negotiation strategies, etc.
  • Nerd Wallet Salary Calculator
    • A comprehensive tool that compares both qualitative and quantitative data from 300 of the most populous US cities, and allows users to segment the data based on their demographic
  • NaceWeb Salary Calculator
    • Find salary information for more than 1,000 occupations in 560+ regions nationwide
  • -
    • This Australian site provides information about wages and many job opportunities around the world.