Messiah's copyright working group

Messiah University Copyright Working Group

This working group addresses relevant copyright issues and facilitates conversations across campus. All manner of copyright issues, ramifications, and direction can be discussed, and recommendations and actions relating to campus copyright can be made.

The purposes of this group are:

  • To advise on copyright questions from members of the Messiah University community
  • To assist in interpreting copyright fair use guidelines
  • To develop programs and strategies to inform and education members of the Messiah University community about copyright and to promote copyright compliance
  • To serve as a clearinghouse for campus documents relating to copyright, including statements and guidelines for appropriate and lawful use of copyrighted materials
  • To maintain documentation of copyright permissions of specific decisions regarding copyright at Messiah University

Note: The advice of the working group does not represent general legal advice nor a legal response to a specific situation

Membership (2020-2021)

  1. ETC Chair and Chair of Copyright Working Group: Susan Shannon
  2. Library representative: Liz Kielley
  3. Copyright & ITS Support Specialist: Diane Hunsinger
  4. Faculty, School of the Arts: David Kasparek
  5. Faculty member, Department of Communications: David Dixon
  6. Faculty member, Graduate Programs: Carol McGinnis
  7. Performing Arts Coordinator: TBD
  8. Webmaster or designee: Kris Hardy
  9. Director of Student Involvement and Leadership Programs, or another Student Affairs representative: Julie Cline
  10. Digital Media Specialist, Educational Technology Services: Brad Harman
  11. Representative from Messiah Press: Dwayne Magee
  12. Worship pastor, Messiah University Ministries: Doug Curry
  13. Director of Information Security: Allen Snook