Six-Week Series Descriptions

Spring 2018 | 2nd Wave Five-Week Series Descriptions

*groups will run March 22, 29, April 5, 12 and 26


Just Prayer: Liturgical Prayers for Peacemakers and Justice
Facilitator: Julie Price
Location: SoJo House

This series will follow the "Just Prayer" book of hours to pray for peace and justice in the world, nurturing participants in multi-faceted faithfulness.


Toppling the Golden Calf: Hidden Idols
Facilitator: Human Rights Awareness, Kevin Villegas & Jordan Minnich Kjesbo
Location: Boyer 131

This series will focus on the unique aspects of American culture that directly contradict the teachings of the bible, including militarism, materialism, racism, ethnocentrism, and mass incarceration.


Why and How to Forgive
Facilitator: Charles Jantzi
Location: Boyer 130

This chapel is designed to introduce students to the biblical reasons for why we should forgive one another. In addition, this chapel series will focus on the steps that are needed in the forgiveness process.


The Role of Finances in Our Christian Faith
Facilitator: Brenda White
Location: Frey 141

Using the college edition of Foundations in Personal Finance, we will explore how managing money is directly tied to the Christian faith and how one's handling of money can have a direct impact on the kingdom of Christ through our discussions on savings, budgets, debt, college student essentials, and friends, family and philanthropy.

AROMA: A Revolution of Sport
Facilitator: Aaron Faro
Location: Kline 120

This chapel will create community, particularly among students interested in sport, as we dig deep into scripture and seek to apply it to all areas of life by understanding our identity in Christ, participating in the kingdom of God, and revolutionizing student-athletes' perspective on sport.

Health and Wholeness: Moving into a Meaningful Future After College Sports (for student athletes in final year)
Facilitator: Melinda Smith
Location: Sollenberger Sports Center 204J (Falcon Fitness Center group exercise room)

This chapel series is for student athletes who have completed or are in the midst of their final season of collegiate competition. We will be using curriculum from the Moving On! program created by professionals at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. Through discussion and practical activities, student athletes will be supported in their transition beyond college sports. Emphasis will be placed on living with a Christ-centered identity, discussing avenues for future service and investment, and experiencing health and wholeness in this major life transition.


Anywhere But Home? (for juniors & seniors)

Facilitators: Luiza Cliver
Location: Kline 019

This series will help juniors and seniors explore how God has called individuals to return to their home communities to do His work.


International Service-Learning Training (for summer service-learning trip participants)

Facilitator: Ashley Leggett
Location: Kline 108 & 113
This chapel series is designed specifically to train our international service learning participants before their Summer 2018 trips. We will bring in a multitude of guest speakers on topics like risk management, physical and mental health abroad, how to respect and appreciate other cultures, and relationship and team building.

Old Becomes New (for women)
Facilitator: Lauren Babyak
Location: Boyer 134

Using Second Corinthians, this series will help female college students learn how to read and interact with God's Word in order to understand His plan for our lives, specifically with regard to body image, relationships, and living as a Christian in American culture.

Collaborative Leadership (for Collaboratory leaders)
Facilitator: Douglas Flemmens & Lily Gaudreau
Location: Frey 156
This series will examine topics related to Christian leadership, particularly servant leadership as modeled by Christ and other Biblical examples. The group will share and examine motivation factors, both positive and negative, of self and others.