Six-Week Series Descriptions

Spring 2018 | 1st Wave Five-Week Series Descriptions

* runs February 8, 15, 22, March 1 and 8

Lead Like Jesus
  Facilitator: Andrew Babyak
  Location: Frey 110

This series will connect students with faculty through worship, prayer and encouragement through the Word of God as we examine the leadership of Jesus.

Designing Your Life - Discerning God's Will for Your Life
     Facilitator: Dwayne Keiffer
     Location: Boyer 234
Have you ever wrestled with the question, "What is God's will for my life?" This series will facilitate discussion around this topic and will be exploring exercises that will help make this process less mystical and more practical. Throughout the series we will be discussing the connection of faith and how it impacts our work.

Exploring and Experiencing Spiritual Mindfulness
     Facilitator: Kevin Ogden
              Location: Sollenberger Sports Center 204J (Falcon Fitness Center group exercise room)
In this chapel series, we will have 4-5 different employees in the field of health, counseling, and exercise science explore what physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wellness looks like through a Biblical lens. Specifically we will focus on rest and mindfulness and then spend time practicing the art of rest or mindfulness from different perspectives.

Attachment to God
               Facilitator: Paula Hoffman
               Location: Boyer 331
Students will learn about spiritual practices (prayer, meditation, mindfulness, and reflection) and the nature of God as desiring a close relationship with us. We will focus on our personal relationships and how they have influenced our view and perception of God, fostering a greater connection.      

Welcoming LGBTQ Christians in the Church
               Facilitators: Eric Seibert
               Location: Boyer 336
Using David Gushee's Changing Our Mind: Definitive 3rd Edition of the Landmark Call for Inclusion of LGBTQ Christians with Response to Critics, this series will help students display compassion for others by considering ways of being more inclusive of members of the LGBTQ community in the church. It will also help them dig into the biblical story at points and will encourage them to reflect deeply on it by discussing some key psasages related to LGBTQ concerns. 

Spiritual Development Through Psychology
               Facilitator: Jennifer Thomson
               Location: Boyer 237
The members of the Department of Psychology will lead students through a series of topics related to spiritual growth and development. This series will focus on utilizing ideas found in psychology to develop a growing knowledge of God, self and community. Each week we will discuss different topics for Christian living rooted in psychological principles. These topics will include Christian meditation, coping with stress, holistic health, being a "light to the world," and discerning God's will.

Lenten Fiver
               Facilitator: Brian Smith
               Location: Boyer 334
This group will open with a presentation and discussion on the origins of Lent and related traditions, and follow with sessions devoted to practicing some spiritual disciplines and reflecting on our experiences together. Open to any student who has an interest in understanding this important time in the church's calendar and how we might use the season to encourage a deeper understanding of the life and death of Jesus.

Journeying Home: A Bittersweet Transition
               Facilitator: Gina Hale
               Location: Jordan 74
This chapel series will focus on continuing the reentry process for students who have studied abroad. Students will have time to connect and share with other students who have traveled abroad and are returning to campus, to explore the impact of their study abroad experience on their faith, and to pray not only for returning students, but students currently studying abroad.

Collaboratory Site Team Cross-Cultural
               Facilitator: Douglas Flemmens
               Location: Frey 150
This chapel series will not only give students practical advice to help prepare them for a meaningful cross cultural experience, it also will give them tools for working together as a team, working with people who are different from themselves, and expanding their worldview.

Working Out Our Faith: Racial Reconciliation for Martin Scholars
               Facilitator: Neryamn Nieves
               Location: The Loft
We will explore how Martin Scholars are working out the connection between faith and racial reconciliation. Five junior/senior Martin Scholars will bring practical examples of the link between Biblical truth and the work they have chosen to do on campus and beyond. They will lead discussion as it pertains to their individual topic.

CIS Character for Mentoring (reserved for CIS mentors)
               Facilitator: Scott Weaver
               Location: Frey 151
Using Impact Together: Biblical Mentoring Simplified and As Iron Sharpens Iron: Building Character in a Mentoring Relationship, this series will discuss Biblical character and how to mentor others.

AROMA: A Revolution of Sport
               Facilitator: Aaron Faro
               Location: Kline 120
This chapel will create community, particularly among students interested in sport, as we dig deep into scripture and seek to apply it to all areas of life by understanding our identity in Christ, participating in the kingdom of God, and revolutionizing student-athletes' perspective on sport.