Mission, goals, and distinctives

Mission, Goals, and Distinctives


An integral contributor to Messiah University and the larger academic community, The Ernest L. Boyer Center advances educational renewal for the common good.


In order to be a good steward of the Boyer legacy, the Center aims:

  1. To nurture and support scholars and educational leaders who understand and apply Boyeresque insights into address contemporary educational issues in meaningful ways.
  2. To promote education that makes genuine and concrete commitments to the common good.
  3. To tangibly support Messiah University in its ongoing efforts toward educational excellence.


Our mission and goals intersect around several key dimensions:

  1. Social Concern: Recognizing that education much enriches our local, national, and global commons, the Center calls for authentic engagement with a variety of critical educational issues facing our world.
  2. Renewal: The Center nurtures the educational imagination by considering current concerns in a manner that both promotes nuanced reflection and also realizes generative solutions.
  3. Connectedness: The Center’s efforts address a broad range of educational sectors, emphasizing how colleges and universities intersect with and influence educational excellence across the spectrum.