Programs and events

Programs and Events

Since its founding, the Center has developed a number of signature programs to advance its mission.

The Boyer Symposium on Education and Society generatively addresses consequential educational issues facing our society. Featuring leading thinkers and drawing on participants from a wide range educational contexts, the Symposium nurtures scholars and educational leaders who comprehend challenges and capably apply insights to critical issues at the intersection of education and society. As such, the Boyer Symposium embodies Messiah University’s aspiration to bring together people and ideas as a means of renewing and transforming society for the common good.

Boyer Seminars. The Center annually convenes small seminars composed of educators and other thought leaders that address formative issues at the crossroads of higher education and society. These small seminars ask how educators, journalists, and civic leaders can better educate the public about crucial issues, how concern for these issues can be expanded, and ultimately how the deeper purposes of higher education can be realized.

Digital Exhibits. The Center creates digital exhibits to present material from the archival collection in an engaging and dramatic fashion. Visitors to each exhibit site are treated to highlights of the collection along with important historical, cultural, educational, social, and intellectual context to these materials. Digital exhibits are in the phase of creation related to Boyer's work on general education and Scholarship Reconsidered.