Digital exhibits

Digital Exhibits

The Center creates digital exhibits to present material from the archival collection in an engaging and dramatic fashion. Visitors to each exhibit site are treated to highlights of the collection along with important historical, cultural, educational, social, and intellectual context to these materials. Digital exhibits are in the phase of creation related to Boyer's work on general education and Scholarship Reconsidered.

Please visit the Ernest L. Boyer and the Common Good digital exhibit. The exhibit features material from the Center’s archival collection, highlighting the common good as a consistent theme in Boyer’s life and scholarship. Boyer consistently proclaimed the importance of the common good — and of education’s important role in fostering collective human flourishing. The exhibit showcases how Boyer lived out and articulated this theme throughout his years, beginning with his childhood and youth as the son and grandson of Christian ministers who were committed to the welfare of their congregations and communities. He continued this work throughout his years as the chancellor of the State University of New York, United States Commissioner of Education, and the president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.