Scholar Intern Application

Sawyer Digital Proficiency Scholar Intern

(2018-2019: 12/yr. grants totaling $6,900)
(2019-2020: 12/yr. grants totaling $6,900)
(2020-2021: 12/yr. grants totaling $6,900)


Faculty Fellows may recommend and include an interested student as part of the fellowship throughout the redesign phase and potentially for the subsequent implementation phase. In addition to partnering with a Faculty Fellow, Digital Scholar Interns may participate in the digital proficiency certificate program. The student receives $575/semester, two-semester maximum, for up to 75 hours of work per semester as an intern.  The work of the student can be wide ranging but must at least include the student learning and applying for themselves the digital skills that are a part of the project.


Open to all full-time students who will be returning to Messiah University in the fall of 2018, 2019, or 2020.

An application may be initiated by either the faculty sponsor or the student intern, but must be endorsed by both before submitting.

To apply, create a Word document that includes the following items and submit to the Steering Committee below.

  • A cover page (including the applicant's name, partnering faculty member, and name of initiative (Sawyer Digital Proficiency Initiative).
  • Specific contribution(s) expected toward the work associated with the creation/redesign of academic experience/curricular component as defined by faculty member.
  • One or two goal(s) you hope to achieve participating in this opportunity.
  • This opportunity requires time and a commitment to team-work with partnering faculty member. Please include a statement describing your understanding of these commitments related to time and commitment to team-work.

Criteria used in selection:

The Sawyer Digital Proficiency Initiative Steering Committee evaluates and approves proposals according to the following criteria:

  1. The quality of the Sawyer Digital Proficiency Intern proposal, including overall organization, clarity and thoroughness.
  2. The extent to which the proposal addresses expected faculty partnership contributions and personal goals toward improved digital proficiency.
  3. The likelihood that the Fellow/Intern partnership will contribute positively to the success of faculty fellowship.