Digital Literacy Competency Course

Digital Literacy Competency Course

The Digital Literacy Competency course (2 credits) will be available each semester. For the fall semester, register in April through Self-Service. Students interested in expanding their digital skill sets for academic projects or job opportunities are encouraged to register.
To complete the Digital Literacy Competency course (2 credits), students will complete each of the following four modules over the span of  a semester. Collaborative engagement with facilitators and other participants is required to meet the objectives established for each module.  

Students satisfactorily completing all modules will improve their digital skill set which improves their academic work, and they will receive a certificate for their resume.  

Module 1: Visual Storytelling 

Participants will develop infographics that leverage data visualization to communicate a story visually. 

Module 2: Audio Storytelling 

Participants will record, edit, and publish audio stories in the form of a podcast, radio play, or other short audio segment. 

Module 3: Video Storytelling 

Participants will now combine strategies from visual storytelling, audio storytelling, and new techniques for multimedia to tell a story in a short video production.  

Module 4: Tactile Storytelling 

Participants will stretch their skills further by imagining how to tell a story through physical objects that they design in CAD software and print using a 3D printer.


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