Certificate Program

Certificate Program

The Digital Proficiency Certificate Program will be available each semester. For the fall semester, register in April through Self-Service. Students interested in expanding their digital skill sets for academic projects or job opportunities are encouraged to sign up. 

To earn the Digital Proficiency Certificate, students will complete each of the following 6 modules over the span of 12 weeks. Collaborative engagement with facilitators and other participants is required to meet the objectives established for each module.

Students satisfactorily completing all modules will improve their digital skill set which improves their academic work, and they will receive a certificate for their resume. 

Module 1: Resources for Digital Productivity
This module focuses on learner engagement and common tools useful to many contexts. Participants will manage, collaborate and visualize data.

Module 2: Web Design & ePortfolios  
Participants will effectively create and share an original website. Participants may consider using this site to collect/share deliverables from this program. 

Module 3: Data Analysis, Image Editing, and Infographics  
Participants will effectively create and share an original infographic on the topic of their choosing. Participants may consider publishing their infographic through their web site.  

Module 4: Audio Publication (e.g. Podcasting)  
Participants will effectively create and share an original audio segment or series. Participants may consider publishing their audio file through their web site.   

Module 5: Video Production  
Participants will explore various options for video production and will effectively create and share/publish an original video.  

Module 6: 3D Printing and Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) 
Participants will explore 3D printing and VR/AR and effectively create and share an original product. 


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