Additional Scholarship Programming

Additional Scholarship Programming

Please see Section 6 of the COE Handbook for more information and additional programming that supports scholarship:

The primary purpose of a sabbatical leave is to provide opportunity for a ranked faculty member to devote concentrated effort to professional activities designed to bring future benefit to both the faculty member and to the University. Sabbatical leaves typically are used to pursue a significant project related to a ranked faculty member’s teaching, scholarship or institutional service.

A ranked faculty member is eligible to take a sabbatical during his/her seventh year of full-time responsibility at Messiah University (i.e., may apply for sabbatical during his/her sixth year). The applicant must have the rank of Associate Professor by the time the sabbatical is taken. One early sabbatical leave may be granted each year. A ranked faculty member may apply for the early sabbatical in the third, fourth, or fifth year of full-time employment at Messiah University. Given the significance of a sabbatical leave to the candidate’s professional development and to the University, it is expected that the candidate will be in contact with his or her School Dean and Department Chair prior to the development of a proposal. Upon completion of a sabbatical leave, the ranked faculty member shall write a self- assessment of the accomplishment of leave goals. This report, sent to the Director of Faculty Development and copied to the School Dean, should summarize the accomplishments in relation to the approved goals and activities for the sabbatical.

Intent to Apply for Sabbatical

Faculty scholarship is essential to creating a learning environment that nurtures intellectual challenge, open inquiry, collaborative scholarship, innovative problem solving, and artistic creativity. Faculty members must be actively involved in scholarship endeavors that may take various forms: discovery, application, integration, and teaching.

Any current term-tenure track faculty member is eligible to submit a proposal for admittance into this program. New term-tenure track faculty will be eligible to apply during their first year for the load allocation beginning in their second year of teaching (they already receive a one-course reduction for Provost’s Seminar during their first year).

Initial Application for Workload Reallocation Program

Application for an Additional Four-Year Term Workload Reallocation Program

During any given year, up to four ranked faculty may hold one of the Scholarship Chairs. Each will receive a six-load credit reduction for two consecutive years and up to a total of $3,000 for direct expenses, related to their project(s). After the two-year period, the chair will pass on to another recipient. Two chairs will begin in August of each academic year. Recipients will be responsible to participate in department, school, faculty, and Community of Educators meetings and continue serving as academic advisors. They will be exempt (and permitted to resign) from committee roles and special departmental assignments and other forms of institutional service during their term as a scholarship chair. If a faculty member holds a scholarship chair for two (or more) years of a single term-tenure or promotion review cycle, they will be held to the lower “pre-term-tenure” standard for satisfactory Institutional Service at the time of review.

Full-time continuing faculty members (including Department Chairs) in each of the respective departments, who have completed at least three years of full-time teaching at Messiah University, are eligible for a Scholarship Chair. (Application may be made in the third year of full-time teaching.) Recipients are eligible to apply again in the third year after completion of the Scholarship Chair.

Distinguished Professors are senior faculty members whose ongoing scholarly work is of exceptional significance. The position is competitively awarded to those who have made exemplary contributions to the classroom and to campus life and whose work is esteemed nationally. Up to five ranked faculty may hold this position in any given year. 

To be eligible to apply for an appointment as Distinguished Professor, a ranked faculty member must have completed at least five years at the Professor level at Messiah University (allowing for review in the fall of the sixth year, with implementation in the fall of the seventh year). The term for a Distinguished Professor will be five years. He/She may reapply for succeeding terms during the fifth year of the term. A candidate seeking renewal must submit a new application including all of the items outlined under the application process.

Information about submitting applications can be found in Section 6 of the COE Handbook

The Office of Faculty Development administers an annual Conference Participation Fund to support full-time teaching ranked faculty who assume active roles in professional conferences. One request may be funded per ranked faculty member each academic year, and the amount of each award may be a portion of the total request, depending on the number of requests received. To apply for funding, please review the Conference Participation Instructions and submit the Request Form.