Messiah University defines undergraduate research as “an inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual, applied, or creative contribution to the discipline. Upon completion, quality undergraduate projects have potential for peer reviewed dissemination in forms such as presentation, publication, exhibition or performance.”

This definition draws on preexisting definitions in various departments and schools of the University as well as from helpful definitions used by other institutions and by the Council on Undergraduate Research.  It reflects the broad array of undergraduate research practices at Messiah University, practices that are present in every school and available to every student at Messiah University regardless of specific disciplinary major.  From collaborative investigations of scientific phenomena in teams, to artistic performances and exhibitions, to individual examination of questions at issue in the humanities and social sciences, students at Messiah University have the opportunity to develop as thinkers, investigators, and creators while earning credit toward their degrees.

Students who pursue undergraduate research have the opportunity to have their work recognized and celebrated both on campus and off.  Students may present at colloquia and symposia run by their schools or departments, and they may submit their work for consideration to regional and national conferences and journals.  Students at Messiah University have regularly showcased their achievements in these venues, gaining valuable professional competency and preparation for life after their undergraduate experience is concluded.

This page is designed to give current and prospective students a map for the available opportunities in undergraduate research at Messiah University.  We hope you’ll take advantage of it and begin your own exploration of how you can advance your learning and your career through pursuing undergraduate research



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